In contrast to union which are all organized within the DGB – a huge, reformist German Union Alliance, we rely on our self-organizing power! Oour labour disputes are organized by the persones concerned. That’s why we have a lot of small struggles where we use tools like direct actions, publish facts about bad working conditions in the direct neighbourhood of a firm and other forms of intervenion, which directly affect the every day routines of employers. We do this mainly in sections where people have bad and unsecure working conditions. We work as a grassroot organisation and decide things all together and we have a world wide network with other syndicats like us. We are a DIY Union and you can get involved in a lot of different fields. We support eachother in juristical issues and help each other to get organized in our fields of work.

FAU – Free workers* union? Who we are and what we do

A lot us have experiences with very bad working conditions. A lot of us are cheated by their bosses. This works fine as long as we are isolated and everybody struggles alone. We are organized within the FAU to stand upon out defence. We fight together for good working conditions, we educatie each other about our rights and about the possibilities to get into action. We’re people from different sectors with different experiences. This gives us a lot of skills and ressources. Some of us are active union members since ever, others are new and privide their ideas and perspectives. Our plurality is what makes us strong. We work on several levels of action: we look for individual and practical support on particular issues people have at work, for example reinforce wages or vaccation days. We also work in the long term and put up solidarity campaigns. We help members, to get organized in their work places and be able to put some demands in position.

What we do and how we do it we decide all togeher. Everybody can join us! We are a pugnacios union, we never give up or stop beliving in our capabilities. If we, the people who are in dependend working relations fight together we can find a way out of exploitation, poverty and discrimination.

Principles and Basics of FAU (german language)

Wie verstehen wir Gewerkschaftsarbeit?

The concept of union for is a free association of working class people. When we come together, we can be strong and fight exploitation. The working class are alle the people, which gain wages, more or less regulary, and whose live depends on earning wages or in other words: people, that have to work to get money and can’t gain money from so called investments, heritages and do not protect or represent capitalists. As people dependet of wages our goals and interests stand in opposite to those who pay us and take our work: We are forced to create as mutch value with our workforce as possible and earn as little as possible – if not, there would’n be any profits for employers. But if we fight together and help each other we are able to push our interests. The best instrument to do so is to strike, the deprivation of our workforce, in all it’s variations.

Our workforce is potent twice: First it generates surplus for the capital. Second we produce usefull things and our jobs can be satisfying even if the are often not under actual conditions. So unions have to be the places where we reflect about other ways of organising work. Our long term goal at the end is overcoming wagework at all. This means the chance to have good work without the compulsions of capital and free-market economy.

Behind the scenes of democratic union organisation – digital feature (german language)

Mrs. Anarcho Syndicalism – who’s that?

The main task of anarcho-syndicalism is creating organisations that enforce wageworkers to determine about their work by themselfes. The goal of this organising process is the take-over of companies by their employees. In this way the people that really do the work can decide together which way of work is best. For this purpose site groups are crucial. In site groups union members associate and talk about their work, support each other in conflicts and build up countervailing power to commands of the bosses and principals. In unions decisions are made by the members in union assemblies or meetings of hole branges. Unions are fighting organisations to push the interests of workers agains the interests of capital. But they are also there to prepare a democratic economy and to fight for that aim against all oppositions.

Background: From Localism so anarcho-syndicalism. The anarcho-syndicalist movement in Germany (german language)

Statuts of FAU Potsdam and other important documents (german language)

In the statuts is descriped how we work. In the statuts of FAU federation germany you find rules all the FAU syndicats in Germany follow. Additional there are principals and basics of the FAU where you can read quickly what all the FAU syndicates want to achive and in which way the criticize society and capitalism.

Status of FAU Potsdam

Status of federation of FAU in Germany

Principles and Basics of FAU